Sunday, March 29, 2009

The work week starts!

First day of the work week for me.  We did our usual Sunday brekkie out.  Panera Bread (been there a lot lately!).


I got a french toast bagel. Quite yummy.  I am upping my carbs a little bit in preparation for my triathlon training.


Lunch was a Morningstar griller on light oat bread, strawberries and carrots.  The strawberries look better than they taste, very weak flavored, which is a bummer.


Snack was a latte John made for a work break!



I had a coupon from Kashi for a free frozen entree, so I got the Coconut Lemongrass chicken.  I sprinkled the cashews on top.


It was pretty good for a frozen dinner, but way too expensive to purchase on a regular basis – almost $5!




Dutch said...

I also send away for the coupon for a free Kashi meal. I don't think I will be spending that on a frozen meal. I do love Kashi products though. Have a wonderful week.

LK- Healthy Delicious said...

I love those kashi meals, but agree that they're too expensive

Sharon said...

I don't think they have Kashi meals on the Canadian market. Oh well. Anyways, scrumptious eats!

Susan said...

Yummm, I've never tried a french toast bagel before!

I can't get the Kashi meals here, but the Amy's ones are priced about the same. Some even go up to $7!!! While tasty, you can eat out at some restaurants for that!