Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy day

Been very busy with work (even though I work from home!!), so a single posting is about all I can manage right now.

Did a good cardio workout this morning, burned about 500 calories!

Came back and made AB and J oats with a nana!

oats oats close

Lunch was egg salad on a wheat english muffin, plus some sauteed brussel sprouts and cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe was on sale for 99 cents for a whole melon!!lunch

Afternoon nibbles:


And a latte.


Felt like a light dinner, so I had a bowl of Fage mixed with GrapeNuts, strawberries, and some honey.


Met my sister out for coffee tonight!



Sharon said...

What a score on the cantaloupe!!!!!!! So jealous!

FoodsThatFit said...

Your oats look lovely! I love the combo of AB and jelly on oats, especially when they start to melt into the warm oats :)

I get so excited when I see strawberries in season at the store...spring is on it's way! Your mixed Fage bowl looks so good and spring-like!

I hope you had fun with your sister!