Friday, March 6, 2009

Orange you glad?

What a bad food blogger I have been! Not too much out of the ordinary foodwise, so you didn't miss a whole lot LOL!

Lunch today:
Tuna salad made with that Lemon Hummus that I am so enamored of,on light wheat bread. Carrot sticks (in my effort to include more veggies), and clems. A nice orange lunch!

This morning, I had a fantastic workout at the Y. Did a mini triathlon with 12 laps of swimming, 30 minutes of jogging, 20 minutes of biking and a lower body strength workout. I was famished afterwards, and met my parent's at Panera Bread.
While I was waiting for them, I had a cup of coffee and a fruit cup.

After they got there, I got a trail mix bagel with light cream cheese. I love the sunflower seeds on this bagel. Nice little bit of crunch.

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Sharon said...

Sunflower seeds on a bagel? I WANT!! =D