Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday eats.

Okay, it’s really Thursday, but my work Friday!

Focusing on really eating well this week, as we are planning on eating out this weekend.

Lunch was Fage yogurt with Grapenuts, strawberries and honey.


Plus a side of cucumbers.


Taking a break from work for a quick dinner.  Grilled chicken, clementines (which are passing peak, I hate to say) and broccoli!


I ate too many chocolate chips today, though.  I did not sleep well, and that always makes me hungry.


Kelly said...

You are definitely eating healthy!

I love Grape Nuts! Yours look great.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Susan said...

I think you're right about the sleep deprivation and hunger thing! Ever since you left that comment, I find I'm always hungrier on days when I get less than 7 hours sleep!

Chocolate chips are evil. I buy the mini ones to trick myself into thinking they're better :P

Sharon said...

Oh chocolate chips are one of my many many addictions!