Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buffalo wrap

No early exercise today, so first thing on my mind was breakfast!

Protein pancakes!


Plus cafe au lait.


I was up too early, so I ended up snacking before lunch:


I was craving buffalo wings, so I decided to make my own version at home.  I sauteed some chicken breast, sliced it thin and put it on a wrap with some Frank’s Red Hot sauce and a bit of bleu cheese dressing.  Salad mix instead of celery.  Man this was soooo good!  With applesauce on the side.

wrap lunch

Afternoon latte:

latte stachios

Then a 3 mile jog.

Dinner was a pizza slice


Went out with my mom and stopped at panera bread.  Got a bear claw.

bear claw_edited


Day started out good, didn’t end so good food wise!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yummy smoothie

Woke up at 6am, and John asked if I wanted a bagel today, so of course I agreed, but said it would have to be after my workout!  Got up and had the best, smoothie, ever…..


1 cup of milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, dash of cinnamon and 1/2 cup canned pumpkin.  Sooo good!  And it fueled me well to burn 500 calories at the gym.

John met me at Ridge Street Coffee, where I had a multigrain bagel.


Plus house coffee.


Lunch was another tuna/hummus wrap.  Now the hummus is all gone!  Side of mandarin oranges and some Kashi Honey Sunshine.




Plus some pistachios, which I ate before getting a picture!


Dinner was quick and easy.  I mixed an egg with 2 egg whites.  Sauteed some broccoli in a small pan, then poured the egg mixture over that and slapped on a cover. Added some smoked cheese and folded over to an omelet.  Yum!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot day!

Boy howdy it was hot today - 88 degrees in upstate NY in April. Insane!
I started the day with a SoyJoy to fuel my work out. I have decided these are nice, but puny LOL!

I thought about oats during my workout, and decided to have oatbran with pumpkin mixed in, topped with a bit of cashew butter. Yum.

Lunch was some Oikos fat free vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries and lowfat granola on top. This was so yummy, creamy, and cool for a hot day!

Plus carrot chips. You would think after going through 2# of baby carrots that I wouldn't have bought more carrots, but here they are.

Snack was a latte (not pictured) and a nanner!

Dinner was super easy. We had the extra chicken cooked up from last night, so I chopped it up and sauteed it with some broccoli in a bit of coconut oil and Country Bob's sauce. With a perfectly ripe pear. Normally I only eat 1/2 a pear, but I was pretty hungry.

Snack - Dulce de Leche Luna. I really like this flavor.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily eats


I can’t even think of an imaginative title for this post LOL!  Was up super early today, and at the Y by 6am, ugh!  Before my workout I had this: 


It was quite good, and really seemed to fuel me well for my workout.


Came home to protein pancakes!



Lunch was a tuna wrap where I mixed the tuna with lemon hummus.  Dang that’s good stuff!

lunch wrap


latte bliss

Dinner was supposed to be grilled chicken breast, but our gas grill ran out of gas halfway through cooking time, so we ended up throwing it into the oven to finish.  Plus brussel sprouts and more of the giant strawberries that ate Cleveland.


Evening snack, which is turning into one of my favorites! Graham with nut butter (cashew today).


All in all, a very good eating day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attack of the giant strawberry

I didn’t do as well on eating today as I had hoped.  Not sure if it was the usual grocery day or the long bike ride yesterday, but I had serious munchies today.

Breakfast was Panera Bread for a blueberry bagel and coffee.


We grocery shopped, and I managed not to nibble on stuff after we got home until lunch.  John grilled us some burgers which were so good!


Got to work, which was hard with the nice weather.  John made lattes and I had a Zone bar because I was really hungry.


Then I got the nibbles because I noticed a bag of these!  These usually don’t end up in the house, but John snuck them into the grocery cart and I didn’t even notice.


Dinner was just a bowl of cereal – I couldn’t figure out what to eat. Kashi Honey Sunshine.  They are good!.


Back at work and more various nibbles:


And check out the size of this strawberry!  My goodness!  Do they make growth hormones for fruit??


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Protein Power

Got a lot of protein today! To fuel for a 30 mile bike ride, I made a bowl similar to yesterday with:

1/2 banana

1/2 cup of oat bran


1 scoop of vanilla pp stirred in after cooking, topped with freshly made cashew butter and dried strawberries. Yum!


This was good fuel for the first ride.


We made it to the lake:

And found a brand new restaurant that served Turkish food!  This was their 3rd day in business. Yay, something new:


We ordered some lavash to start, which came all puffy off the grill looking like a football!


We poked it with a knife and it deflated to a more manageable portion, and it was delicious.  Not made with oil or butter, so actually a good food.


I also had a chicken kabob served with a tomato and yogurt sauce.  It also came with a side of white rice which I did not eat, since the bread was more what I was interested in!


And turkish coffee, which was fab, and super strong if you have never had any!


Yogurt was the stop on the way home, pretty tired by that point, and got some Only8 with espresso flavor. Num.  About 150 ish calories for the bowl.


We were quite tired, so dinner was a bit of a mish mash that I at over a period of time:

P4220001 soyjoy



Think I should sleep well tonight!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Feels like summer!

70 degrees today!  Although, there was frost on the window of my car when I got up to go to the Y – crazy!

Started off with a Luna bar.  The white chocolate is kind of bland.  I like the other flavors better.


After weights and biking, I met my mother for breakfast at a little cafe:


I got an eggbeater omelet, and it was a large plate for only $6!  What a bargain.


That kept me going until after 1pm, and since I didn’t have any fiber with breakfast, I decided to have some oat bran.  Cooked with 1/2 a banana and stirred in some vanilla protein powder at the end. Topped with dried strawberries and hazelnut butter.


Biked for coffee – about 6 miles each way.


Dinner was on the grill!  Roasted sweet potatoes and chicken.  It was sooo good!


Computer snack tonight.