Friday, April 3, 2009

Eating out day

Ate 2 meals out today!

Preworkout of a Mocha Zone bar.  These are new and really good!


Came home and had pumpkin oats for breakfast topped with the last of the pecan butter and a tablespoon of Grapenuts for crunch.


Drove down to have lunch with my sister, Colleen. (I’m on the right in the pink).  We’re triathlon partners!


Had an egg bagel sandwich.


And coffee  (yes, this was lunch time LOL).


It was Colleen’s birthday, and we had 2-bite brownies to celebrate.


Decided to go out for dinner.  Low cal people, close your eyes.



Scallop and clam platter.  I did not eat the mac and cheese.  It was decent, but not worth the calories, so I left it. Plus I was full!


Not the best of eating days, no fruit!  At least I burned a lot of calories at the gym this morning!


Ann said...

Wow.. I am impressed by your portion control.. I should learn from you.

Sharon said...

Wow, I would have more than one brownie than one!!! LOL!! You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

pumpkin oats! I love it, I just had that for lunch too! it's great with pineapple and coconut, too!