Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More yogurt reviews

Preworkout shake:  Some Sobe Lifewater, milk, brown rice protein powder and strawberries.  Not bad.


There was a voicemail waiting when I got done with my workout from John wanting to meet fro brekkie.  So it was out for a nummy bagel!


Lunch was another Oikos yogurt.  This was the honey one, which I actually found too sweet for me.  I usually add my own honey to plain yogurt, and definitely do not use as much as they do! So, it was a pretty sweet lunch.


Mixed with peaches and granola:


Plus carrots.  Some day I will get through this giant bag!


Snack was my latte

latte and John doled out one piece of chocolate for me :D


Dinner was another of the Barber Reduced fat chicken and broccoli.  Plus one of the ripest pears I have ever eaten!


Went out to Starbucks today.  If you asked and brought a travel mug, they filled it for free!



Sharon said...

YAH for free Starbucks!
And mmmmmm bagel.

Jen said...

I've looking every where for the honey oikos but can't find it. But maybe it's not worth the hunt?