Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

I am not going to post the snacktacular day I had yesterday.  No need to bore you all with handfuls of cashews, granola and whatnot.  I can still pack it away foodwise if I want… ugh.

So, here is a clean and fresh Monday!

Preworkout Soy Joy bar.  This looks burned, doesn’t it?  I think it tasted that way, too.


Got back from a good workout (military style pushups!!) and had my protein pancakes with the brown rice protein powder since I did weights.


Lunch was some Oikos vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and Ginger Zing granola.  I think I am really liking the Oikos.  It’s not sickeningly sweet like other flavored yogurts.


Snack was a latte and a nanner.

nana latte

Dinner:  Grilled chicken breast that I did the other day, broccoli sauteed in coconut oil (this is really tasty, btw) and clementines.  I love precooked meat in that dinner is ready in 10 minutes. 


For a snack, I had a Luna Lemon Zest, but I ate it before I took a picture.


Sharon said...

Love all your eats. Your pancakes always look so good!

Yvonne said...

those berries look amazing! I also try to always eat whole foods, nothing with artifical sweeteners. it really does help with weight loss, but makes you also feel better, as I'm sure you know.