Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday nibbles


Instead of going to the Y this morning, I decided to have breakfast and then go for a morning jog.  John went with.  Before going, had protein pancakes:


And cafe au lait!.


After getting back from the jog (40 minutes),  showered and dressed, I felt hungry.  So I made a tiny bowl of a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese and pineapple:


Then a date with some pb  (great combo, btw!).


Lunch was carrot sticks (I have a 2 pound bag to go through!),


Plus a bowl with plain chobani greek yogurt, honey, strawberries and puffed wheat. The cereal really bulked the bowl up, which was nice.


After lunch stop to pick up a ham from the local smokehouse!


Will check back later, we are going out for some Only8 frozen yogurt later. Yum!

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Sharon said...

Pineapple and cottage cheese? I need to try that. Does it taste less "cheesy" because when I tried CC, I didn't like it. :S