Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonderful Day.

Pre 5K race brekkie:

Oatmeal cooked with a frozen banana, brown rice protein powder, cinnamon.  Topped with a sprinkle of toasted coconut and homemade hazelnut butter.  This was a fantabulous bowl!


After my best time ever, we went out to an Indian place for lunch in Saratoga Springs called Little India:


I chose the Paneer Makhni, and it seemed very similar to

paneer butter chicken, only with paneer.  Fabulous!  Don’t like the cilantro on top, though.  One herb I really don’t like at all.

With white rice, which is so weird for me to have, but I really do like it.


And a side of whole wheat roti! This place has about 4 different kinds of wheat breads, and the roti was grilled, rather than fried. Num.


Post dinner stomach soother – candy coated fennel seeds.  Love these!


After a visit with my sister,  we stopped at Virgil’s Coffee house.  Comfy, cozy and a no cell phone establishment! Yay!


Had a latte (skim, after that lunch!)


Not sure I am even going to eat anymore today.  I am pretty full and tired from the race.


Sharon said...

Wow, that whole wheat roti looks sooo good!
And candy coated fennel seeds? So cool!!!

Ann said...

Wow.. your lunch menu is my most fav dish.. I love the rotis and yeah it wouldn't get complete without those candy fennels.