Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring eats and busy!

I am about a day behind on posts.  It’s been very busy at work (even though I work at home, I still don’t have much time!).

Preworkout:  SoyJoy peanut butter chocolate.  Num!


Met John for a bagel as my workout ended early:  Multigrain!


Lunch was cooked chicken breast mixed with hummus.  I love this combo.  I had some whole grain chips, which were crumbs from being the bottom of the bag, so I just mixed them in.


Snack:  Latte and a spoonful of homemade peanut butter!

P4150004 pb

Dinner:  I ate a frozen thing for dinner, since it was busy and I had to get back to work fast so I wouldn’t be up late trying to finish my work.  (I work from noon to 8ish).  This is a Barber Foods Reduced fat chicken and broccoli roll.  It’s quite good and packed with protein.



Susan said...

Oooh, chicken with hummus, great idea!!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, everything looks yummmy!

Dutch said...

I have never heard of Barber Foods before. I may have to try it because it looks good.

VeeGettingHealthy said...


Hoped to plant the strawberries this weekend, but we're in the beginnings of a blizzard. Unbelievable.

Your chicken and hummus thing looked good. Vee at