Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elvis has left the building!

Made a nummy lunch today.  I have homemade peanut butter (I am totally addicted to homemade butter now), and I had a banana, so I made a toasted pb and nana sandwich!  Yummy!  With carrots and the rest of the banana on the side.lunch


Afternoon snackie!


Dinner was the same as last night, I loved it so much!  Plus strawberries on the side.


Evening sustenance while I work some overtime!  (although it’s decaf)



LK- Healthy Delicious said...

toasted pb and banana makes such a good sandwich. I've been eating those as long as I can rememeber!

Sharon said...

WHOA, that sandwich is making me drool! LOL

VeeGettingHealthy said...

I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches - just doesn't taste the same on gluten-free bread tho. Bought some local strawberries the other day - nasty nasty unripe tart. I think I got one sweet out of the entire container. Guess I'll have to wait until June or so for our plants to produce. Hopefully. We're expecting a blizzard tonight so can't transplant the strawberries yet - still waiting here in my front window.

Vee at