Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attack of the giant strawberry

I didn’t do as well on eating today as I had hoped.  Not sure if it was the usual grocery day or the long bike ride yesterday, but I had serious munchies today.

Breakfast was Panera Bread for a blueberry bagel and coffee.


We grocery shopped, and I managed not to nibble on stuff after we got home until lunch.  John grilled us some burgers which were so good!


Got to work, which was hard with the nice weather.  John made lattes and I had a Zone bar because I was really hungry.


Then I got the nibbles because I noticed a bag of these!  These usually don’t end up in the house, but John snuck them into the grocery cart and I didn’t even notice.


Dinner was just a bowl of cereal – I couldn’t figure out what to eat. Kashi Honey Sunshine.  They are good!.


Back at work and more various nibbles:


And check out the size of this strawberry!  My goodness!  Do they make growth hormones for fruit??



Sharon said...

Hahahaha, that is one hardcore strawberry!
And mmmm delicious delicious! Everything looks great!

Susan said...

I've been wondering about my strawberries too, the imported ones from California are HUGE!!! Is that natural??

I always get really munchy on my rest days too, I just justify it by telling myself it's all my activity catching up with me ;)

debby said...

That hamburger bun looks interesting. Any info on it?

Lori said...

The hamburger bun is an Arnold Sandwich Thin. 100 calories and a good amount of fiber and protein!