Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily eats


I can’t even think of an imaginative title for this post LOL!  Was up super early today, and at the Y by 6am, ugh!  Before my workout I had this: 


It was quite good, and really seemed to fuel me well for my workout.


Came home to protein pancakes!



Lunch was a tuna wrap where I mixed the tuna with lemon hummus.  Dang that’s good stuff!

lunch wrap


latte bliss

Dinner was supposed to be grilled chicken breast, but our gas grill ran out of gas halfway through cooking time, so we ended up throwing it into the oven to finish.  Plus brussel sprouts and more of the giant strawberries that ate Cleveland.


Evening snack, which is turning into one of my favorites! Graham with nut butter (cashew today).


All in all, a very good eating day.


Sharon said...

What a delicious day!

Ann said...

humm yuumm and I love the cashew butter.