Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to chicken!

How I missed my meat last week, I have to say. I try to eat local meat whenever possible, or from companies that treat the animals in a humane way. It's more expensive, but better for the animals, and for me.
Dinner was cooked chicken breast, which I cooked Sunday for grab-n-go dinners. With broccoli and strawberries!

Snack while finishing up work was Quaker Oatmeal Squares in a little bowl. I loves to snack on cereal. I almost never have it with milk, isn't that funny?

lunch and lattes

Today's lunch:
An egg sandwich made with a Thomas' light wheat english muffin (like these!) and Dubliner irish cheese. Nummy. Baby carrots and cantaloupe. I have a melon baller, so thought I would put it to good use!

Afternoon latte:

Plus a nibble of pecan butter on a 1/2 a graham cracker.

Breakfast eats

I had such a craptacular day yesterday that I didn't feel like food blogging. And I am having trouble with my new camera. I think it got something on it and the buttons are sticky. Sigh.... But, trying to get some normalcy in.
I had a pre/post workout snack where I divided this bar and had 1/2 before workout and 1/2 after. Luna Smores bar.

This did keep me from noshing my way through the cupboard when I got home while cooking breakfast.

1/2 cup of oats cooked with 1 tsp brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. 1/2 cup pumpkin stirred in at the end.
Topped with 1 tsp pecan butter and a sprinkle of Hemp Plus granola for a bit of crunch.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The work week starts!

First day of the work week for me.  We did our usual Sunday brekkie out.  Panera Bread (been there a lot lately!).


I got a french toast bagel. Quite yummy.  I am upping my carbs a little bit in preparation for my triathlon training.

Plus coffee.coffee

Lunch was a Morningstar griller on light oat bread, strawberries and carrots.  The strawberries look better than they taste, very weak flavored, which is a bummer.


Snack was a latte John made for a work break!



I had a coupon from Kashi for a free frozen entree, so I got the Coconut Lemongrass chicken.  I sprinkled the cashews on top.


It was pretty good for a frozen dinner, but way too expensive to purchase on a regular basis – almost $5!



Saturday, March 28, 2009

biking lunch

After doing some yard work and cleaning out the garden, I had a quick snack of cantaloupe with a dollop of yogurt and nutmeg.  This is a 4 oz bowl, looks bigger in the picture :)


We biked to lunch at East End Eatery.  They make the best calzones!  Big, though – so John and I always split one.

Side salad first,


Then calzone!


Afternoon latte.


Dinner was a Spinach paneer premade dinner we got at the grocery store.  Served with brown rice and broccoli.  This was actually pretty good – I like paneer a lot, but wasn’t sure about the spinach, surprised at how much I liked it!


Relaxing Saturday

I decided to sleep in a little and go to the gym later today instead before breakfast.  Plus – we are riding bikes today, it’s going to be in the 60s!

Breakfast was pumpkin oats topped with chai marmalade and pecan butter.  Why did no one tell me pecan butter was sooooo good?  This was the easiest nut butter to make, I think because the nuts are already somewhat soft.  It’s a more runny butter, so it didn’t need any oil added to it.


Plus cafe au lait!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabulous weather!

My day off and the weather was fabulous!  Had a great Y workout (burned 700 calories!).  Met my mom at Panera bread:  Trail mix bagel – yum!  I have eaten bagels pretty much throughout my weight loss, as that is one thing I didn’t want to compromise on.


Lunch was tuna salad on Ezekiel bread and a banana!


This is the time of year when all ice cream shops open in area for the season.  We can walk to one, and I get something on the day they open, and their last day – and it’s so good!  This is a gingersnap cookie sandwich with the homemade custard.


John cooked dinner, a mix of baked fish sticks and shrimp, with broccoli and sweet potatoes.


Then out for an evening of reading at Starbucks with a skim decaf latte and a sample of some kind of bar.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food all over the place

It was a whacky eating day and pretty carby.  Need to settle myself down on the eating front.

This morning, John really wanted to have a bagel with me, which meant putting off my early morning workout.  We went to Ridge Street Coffee  where I had coffee with a multigrain bagel and cream cheese.


Then I went and did my workout.  Came home and had this nibble before showering and prelunch.  A bit of almond butter spread on a graham cracker.


Lunch was me giving in to my hankering for pancakes. I made one huge one instead of 3 little ones.  Kind of fun!


Then I had to get to work.  John made lattes.


Plus some cashews (my favorite nut!)


Today is my Friday, and I just feel exhausted and a bit out of sorts, so we decided to walk down the street for a slice of pizza at a new place.  It was very good, and big!



Tonight I had a balance bar to get some more protein in for the day.


Tomorrow I meet my mom at the Y, and then we are going out for breakfast!  I’m going to burn 600 calories at the gym tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy day

Been very busy with work (even though I work from home!!), so a single posting is about all I can manage right now.

Did a good cardio workout this morning, burned about 500 calories!

Came back and made AB and J oats with a nana!

oats oats close

Lunch was egg salad on a wheat english muffin, plus some sauteed brussel sprouts and cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe was on sale for 99 cents for a whole melon!!lunch

Afternoon nibbles:


And a latte.


Felt like a light dinner, so I had a bowl of Fage mixed with GrapeNuts, strawberries, and some honey.


Met my sister out for coffee tonight!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lump sum

All of today’s eats other than tonight’s snack :D


Starting with protein pancakes.  These were so fabulous today after my workout!  There is a lot to be said for working up a big hunger.


Lunch was tuna salad on ezekiel bread. This loaf is going to last forever eating it one piece at a time!  Good thing it stores in the freezer.  Cut up a banana and topped it with a tsp of homemade almond butter!


The almond butter was 1/2 a pound of raw almonds that I toasted in the toaster oven.  I put them in my mini food processor and just let them go.  Added 2 tsp of agave nectar and a pinch of salt.  This made butter much easier than the sunflower seeds or the cashews.  Not sure why, but it only took about 10 minutes.  I stopped the processor a few times to scrape the sides.  I guess my little machine can handle it!  Anyway, the almond butter is quite good!


John made me a latte while I was working :)


And, he made dinner, too!  Shrimp stir fry made with some frozen pepper mix, plus frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  I love frozen veggie mixes because I don’t have to worry about using them up like fresh!  He cooked it in a bit of coconut and sesame oil and soy sauce.  Over 1/2 cup of brown rice (which I cooked in bulk Sunday).


And more strawberries on the side.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Brekkie and lunch

I am doing a 'no land animal' week of eating this week. So, that means more legumes and dairy products for meals, plus boosting with protein powder (I have brown rice powder).

Post workout breakfast was pumpkin oats with protein powder, the last of the cranberry sauce (wahhhh!!!) and a bit of sunflower butter.

Lunch was and ode to Mickie D's LOL! Did my own egg mcmuffin. Quick microwaved scrambled egg - I love how the dish cooks it to the perfect size. Whole wheat english muffin, and 1/2 an ounce of Kerrygold Irish cheese. Yum! Plus carrot sticks and strawberries.

Is it latte time yet??