Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hummus salad!

Had the best lunch today!  I got some of Cedar’s Zesty Lemon hummus at the store today.

hummus This stuff is really tasty!  So I decided to make a salad with it.

I mixed together:

2 oz cooked chicken breast

1/2 a braeburn apple, chopped

2 tbsp hummus

1/3 oz of toasted slivered almonds.

All on a bed of Triple Heart Mix salad.salad It was sooooo good!  I would love some of this hummus on toasted pita points as a snack.  Too bad I didn’t get any LOL!

Clems on the side.



Sharon said...

Oh wow, looks delicious!!!

Dutch said...

What a good idea to add hummus to a salad. I think I will try that next.