Friday, March 20, 2009



Got some samples in the mail of FullBars – so I had half of one for a snack.  I’ll do a review on these later.  They are really big!


Dinner was a cup of John’s nummy clam chowder.


And pan sauteed broccoli plus strawberries.


Snacky time tonight:


I burned 600 calories at the gym today, and I felt it all day!


Sharon said...

Great eats! Totally love it!

Susan said...

Ohmygoodness, I saw one of those FullBars at GNC today and I was wondering what they were! Really huge, but also very light. Looking forward to your review!

jo said...

Oh my....some day I hope to eat as healthfully as you. I'm taking small steps now as it's overwhelming, but I love your food blog--what a great example you are for me!

Jess said...

mmmmm! That sounds like a good day :) The colors are beautiful!