Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food all over the place

It was a whacky eating day and pretty carby.  Need to settle myself down on the eating front.

This morning, John really wanted to have a bagel with me, which meant putting off my early morning workout.  We went to Ridge Street Coffee  where I had coffee with a multigrain bagel and cream cheese.


Then I went and did my workout.  Came home and had this nibble before showering and prelunch.  A bit of almond butter spread on a graham cracker.


Lunch was me giving in to my hankering for pancakes. I made one huge one instead of 3 little ones.  Kind of fun!


Then I had to get to work.  John made lattes.


Plus some cashews (my favorite nut!)


Today is my Friday, and I just feel exhausted and a bit out of sorts, so we decided to walk down the street for a slice of pizza at a new place.  It was very good, and big!



Tonight I had a balance bar to get some more protein in for the day.


Tomorrow I meet my mom at the Y, and then we are going out for breakfast!  I’m going to burn 600 calories at the gym tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Scrumptious eats! I need some nuts!!!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

We love balance bars but since Tween and I went gluten-free, can't have them any more and haven't found a decent replacement that I actually like. People have suggested larabars and "organic food bars" but ewww. Vee at