Monday, March 2, 2009

Hummus and chayote

Here is the daily dose of food!

I ate half a balance bar before heading out to the Y for a long workout. I should have had the whole thing, because I was starving at the end!

Got back from the Y to make a bowl of pumpkin oats topped with sliced almonds and some cranberry sauce that I made last night after finding 1/2 a bag of cranberries in the freezer.

Lunch was a fun new combo: Ezekial bread spread with some of that yummy hummus I got yesterday and topped with a sliced egg. Sounds weird, but it was really, really good! Clems and a side salad (note that I actually do eat salads on occasion).

Afternoon snack was a latte and fresh blueberries!

Dinner I made some turkey breast sauted in Bob's Country Sauce, with strawberries and roasted chayote on the side. The chayote is a very firm veggie, kind of like squash - but stays firm after cooking. You'll see this again tomorrow at lunch.
I also had some pistachios to take the edge off my hunger.

Evening snack was the other half of the balance bar!

About a 1500 calorie day.

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