Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taste of the sea.

We stopped at Price Chopper last night, I was looking for blueberries on sale - but they weren't! However, we did get our favorite seafood item that we can only find there: Seawatch Breaded Clam strips! They are so good, packed with protein and fiber. We just like to cook them in the toaster oven.

And yes, I do eat broccoli pretty much every day. I don't like very many veggies - but I love broccoli.

Dessert, or an after workout snack, I guess, was a mini pumpkin pie made in a jumbo silicone muffin cup, and topped with a bit of chai marmalade.


Anonymous said...

That pumpkin pie looks delicious! And I've never even heard of chai marmalade before, I must find this!

Sharon said...

Whoa, those clam strips look tasty!!!!