Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday eats

Not too inspiring with the post title, I know!
Sundays are bagel days for us. We always go for bagels! It's been a tradition for probably 10 years now.
Today was a visit to Panera Bread. Blueberry bagel with reduced fat cream cheese and coffee on the side.

After bagels, we went grocery shopping. There were fresh blueberries for only $2.99 a pint!!! I jumped up and down, as we don't usually see this til summer! So of course, I got some and they made an appearance with lunch along side my open face tuna sammie.

Snack was a latte and a piece of one of John's power cookies. And a few too many cashews .

For dinner, I made some chicken sauteed with a sauce that I am reviewing. Then I sauteed chopped brussel sprouts in that same pan. Quite good. And strawberries again, since we just went shopping! Ate lots of colors today.


Sharon said...

Wow, love the colors!

Anonymous said...

do you have price chopper up there? Blueberries are buy one, get TWO free. Amazing deal! I stocked up and threw and bunch in the freezer.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

That bagel looks great! I wish I could eat as much fruit as you. That always seems to be a problem for me.