Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fast food

Training with my new job today, so everything was all about fast meals.

Breakfast was my usual protein pancakes and blueberries, although still without any protein powder, as that should be here tomorrow.

Lunch break and I had my usual open faced tuna on homemade bread, with a nanner on the side.

Snack was a latte and some chocolate chips (a few too many, I ate a few more handfuls).

Dinner. I had some precooked chicken breast, so I just heated that up. Sauteed broccoli in coconut oil (this is my new favorite way of preparing it!) and more of the wonderful strawberries! I need to run to the store and get more of those and some more *blueberries*!!

After dinner was a power cookie that John made. I need to take a pic of those sometime.

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Jennifer said...

My favorite sweet snack is a palmful of white chips....problem is that today I have had 3. grrr.

Sharon said...

Mmmmm, chocolate chips!!