Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A day’s worth of food.

Been really busy, so here is all of today’s food in 1 shot!

Since I had such a large amount of food yesterday, I wasn’t super hungry at breakfast (very unusual).  The blintzes with blueberries for 250 calorie breakfast.blintz and my cafe au lait!coffee

Lunch was a chicken salad curry mix.  Chopped apple, chopped chicken breast, light mayo and curry powder. Quick, easy and yummy!  Served with a nana sprinkled with coconut and some Pepperidge farm wheat crackers.lunch

Snack from Dunkin Donuts!  John went to the dentist, and called to ask what I wanted.  I chose a nonfat latte flavored with raspberry.  Tasty:


Dinner was something new.  Morningstar now has a BBQ riblet analog.niblet

It was actually pretty good.  I kept thinking about Homer Simpson and the Ribwich, though LOL!  There were obviously no bones in this, although it was formed to look like that, so I was a little weirded out about that.  Then I just thought of it as meatloaf and realized that was the texture of the food.  18 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, so a decent change-up for a main dish.


Joined the YMCA today!!

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Sharon said...

Great job on joining YMCA! And love your eats, mmmm broccoli!