Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy day

I have been ultraproductive today!  Up really early, shoveled, did cardio, strength training. Now I am taking a break from work.

Breakfast was warm and filling protein pancakes.



Lunch was a tuna roll. On the side, sliced banana with a  touch of toasted unsweetened coconut. That was fun!

tuna nana

And in the mail today came my free True Delights bar from Quaker! I split it with DH.  Look at all those chocolate chunks!  It was pretty good, although I think I would have liked it a bit softer.



Sharon said...

Bananas and unsweetened coconut? That is one great combination! Love it!

Susan said...

Your blueberry sauces always look so good!!

Looks like we both did some shovelling today. I like to think of it as a bonus workout! :P