Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini Shrimp Pies

Okay - let me state first off that these are not low cal in any way. We tried this recipe unedited except for using wheat flour instead of regular flour in the crust.
We used a Food Network recipe.

Here was the roux.

And the chopped up veggies waiting to go in the roux.

We used tiny salad shrimp instead of crawfish, as we were testing this recipe.

The filling cooked and waiting. It seemed thin, but we used it anyway.

The crust bottom.

Out of the oven

In a dish.

The verdict: The flavor was really good. The sauce was much too thin, though. Although after cooling, they held together more. We need to do some tweaking to this to bring it into a calorie range that is acceptable. These are around 300 each as is. We are cooking a Mardi Gras dinner on Mardi Gras, so this is going to get adapted. Maybe with phyllo instead of the cream cheese dough.

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Sharon said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing!!!! =D Scrumptious!