Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Breakfast

Okay, not anything super special LOL!

I got my brown rice protein powder and did protein pancakes with it. They came out nice and fluffy with the addition of some baking powder. And John had toasted some unsweetened coconut while I was doing my pancakes, so I could not resist sprinkling a bit on top of these. Yummers!!

Exercise done for day as well. Off to do shopping and lunch out for V-day!


Dutch said...

Those look yummy. Have a great day of shopping and having lunch.

Sharon said...


VeeGettingHealthy said...

Loved the looks of the pancakes - was that preserves topping them?

My Valentine's breakfast was a protein bar. We're taking mom-in-law out in about an hour so saving up for that!

Have a great Val Day! Vee at

Lori said...

Vee - the blueberry sauce takes about 5 minutes to make using frozen blueberries:

That link has the ingredients. Using Wyman's blueberries - it's only 70 calories for all that sauce!