Monday, February 9, 2009

Giveaway: Country Bob's Sauce

It's Giveaway time!!
Country Bob's generously provided me with 2 bottles of Original All Purpose sauce to review.

I tried the sauce both cooked and as a dipping sauce. As a dip, the sauce is similar to A-1, although a little thinner consistency. It has a nice mix of sweet and sour notes, and almost a Worcestshire sauce flavor to it. I also used it as a sauce to cook with, and I think where the sauce shines the most. It cooked down into a sweet, thick sauce - really like a barbeque sauce. It makes me wonder what their BBQ sauce tastes like!

The ingredients are pretty good: Tomato concentrate, vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, salt, onion powder, caramel color, garlic powder, tamarind, corn starch, natural flavors and other spices. Side note - I was surprised to see tamarind in there. This is commonly used in Indian cooking, and is a sour fruit. Sauce is 25 calories per tablespoon - so not bad at at all!

I give this a thumb's up :) I believe that this product is available in Wal-Mart, so check it out!

Contest Details:
So, the company has generously offered 2 winners to receive 2 bottles each! You have 2 chances to enter. One is to leave a comment on this blog stating how you would use Country Bob's sauces. The other is to leave a comment on my weight loss blog regarding this same contest. Bonus entry for you if you leave a separate comment where you have a link to this contest (which I will check :) ).
Winners will be drawn by a random number generator on Thursday Feb 12th! Entries must be in by 8 am EST on the 12th. I will choose one winner from each blog comment section.

Have at it!


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, that is too cool! I have never heard of them before! But hum, I would try it a stir fry, or on baked tofu!! =D

Ria said...

Hi again!

I'd use it the same way I said on your main blog - on chicken in the crockpot.

Sharon's idea is interesting too - I love baked tofu, but I always use an Asian marinade . . . I'll have to try BBQ sauce.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

I would cook at pork tenderloin in the crockpot then shred it and pour the sauce over and let simmer. Then I would put it on a Arnold's sandwich thin.

Vee said...

Left my comments on your other blog.

Posted a link to your contest on my blog at

Would use the sauce for meatloaf, crockpot meats, combine with ground beef for a "taco". Yum.

Loved the pics with the strawberries - my mouth is watering!

Vee at

Mrs. Ingram said...

Hi Ya Again, I am leaving a comment on this blog also. I so want to win the sauce and cook up a storm with it. Did I mention I am a grilling fanatic! (lol) I also wanted to say your food looks so yummy and the tip with the coconut oil, I can't wait to go home and sautee me some broccoli tonight. So to mention a few things I would do with the sauce, I would love to try it out a Brisket. It seems to me it would taste just wonderful that way. Also, I would love to make BBQ Shrimp on the grill with it also. Yummy!


Lori said...

Jessica @ Pudget won the sauce!

Michelle said...

The folks at Country Bob's are pretty great. They sent me samples of their sauce and their cookbook a while back. The sauce contributed to some really great meatloaf!

The Secret's In the Sauce Meatloaf