Saturday, February 14, 2009

Salad Express

Stopped for a really yummy lunch today! New restaurant called Salad Express. It's a chain, from what I gathered, but they let you build your own salad. I got the junior size, which gives you 4 add ins, plus dressing. I also added some turkey to mine for protein. It was huge! I can't imagine getting the bigger size.

Contents of bowl:
Spring mix
gorgonzola cheese
dried cranberries
turkey breast
fat free raspberry vinaigrette. I just love the combo of cranberries and cheese. This was sooo good!

After some shopping (I bought 2 pairs of size 8 pants!! Yippee!!) we had coffee and a treat at Mocha Lisa's, one of our favorite coffee shops. It's fairly far from home, so it's a real treat to get here. The ambiance is wonderful, as is the food.

The treat is an almond horn, which I adore.

Dinner at home. Note that I did not have broccoli tonight!
Sweet potato fries, clam strips and strawberries. Very tasty.

Movie at home tonight, with some chocolate chips and pretzels :)


Anonymous said...

I've heard of Salad Express - one opened not too far from me - glad to know a small one is HUGE!

Sharon said...

Oh wow yum! Love the salad from Salad express, and dinner looks amazing!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Love seeing your pics. Where did you get the sweet potato fries? Hubby's been wanting some, and I make some, but he wants some from a freezer section, so just wondering. Thanks Vee at