Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Eats

Well, had to work today, but that is okay.  The Y was closed today, so I ran at home.  Preworkout snack: Date with peanut butter.


Came home to a different breakfast:  Nutrigrain waffles!  How about that for a change.  Topped with my blueberry sauce, though  - 1 tablespoon of maple syrup just isn’t enough for me.  With the active events paper looking up races!


Lunch was a yummy, yummy egg salad sammie on a Smart Carb wrap.  Found out we were out of baby carrots, which was weird since I had a bag in my hand at the grocery store.  I think I might have put them in someone else’s cart, because they weren’t on the receipt, either!  So I just had some cantaloupe on the side.

egg salad


Snack was a latte and some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  Man is that stuff good.

latte kashi

Dinner was a grilled chicken burger with a touch of cheese, plus some more fiddleheads and yummy strawberries.


After work snack:


I am really trying to break my addiction to the bars like I did before, but they are yummy and easy!


Slim said...

The meals you posted today look wonderful! I'll be using some of them for my own eating LOL It's amazing how much food you get to eat when you're eating healthy! I'd never imagine I cuold get full from eating but I do now.

South Beach Steve said...

Great looking eats. I have never thought about a date with peanut butter, but to be honest, I can't imagine much that peanut butter wouldn't go good with! :-)

Susan said...

Yay, more fiddleheads!! I wish they were available year round, I love the nutritional stats on them.

I'm addicted to bars too, but they're just so tasty! I usually eat a bar as my "treat" for the day. So instead of having a chocalate-y dessert after dinner, I'll have a chocolate energy bar in the afternoon or something. That's how I justify it :P