Saturday, May 2, 2009

Perfectly On Plan

A great eating day!  Woke up somewhat early today, and had a nice relaxing breakfast of oats with banana, a bit of pumpkin, chocolate protein powder and a spoon of PB.  With cafe au lait.



John and I went for a run after brekkie – I did 3.5 miles.  Lunch was another of those buffalo wraps I made the other day, plus some carrot chips and mandarin oranges (juice drained).


Out to Starbucks this afternoon for some lounging and reading (Beck Diet).  Skim latte and a Cookies & Cream Zone bar.


John grilled some shrimp for dinner and we split some clam strips (SeaWatch brand), plus sauteed broccoli and applesauce.


Evening snack today after a post dinner walk:



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Sharon said...

Mmmm, everything looks great! Clam strips look yummy!