Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

Took my mom out for bagels this morning for mother’s day.  Hi mom!


I had an Asiago cheese bagel with reduced fat cream cheese. Yum, yum!

bagel coffee

Sunday grocery shopping as per usual, so lots of nummy stuff today.

Lunch was plain FF oikos yogurt with Nature’s Path Hemp granola, strawberries and honey.  One of my favorite meals in warmer weather.


Snack was a latte and an Almond Raisin SoyJoy.  I am not really sure I like these very much.  Might be why they are on sale for 50 cents each at the store (which is why I have a lot of them!)

latte soy

Dinner was something new:


Made as spread on a low carb wrap with grilled chicken and spring mix.  Broccoli and a red anjou pear on the side.  John said it looked like a bistro meal!  Tasted delicious.

dinner wrap

Evening snack after I finished work:


And no mindless snacking today!  Yay!


Sharon said...

AWWHH, your mom is sooo cute!!
And mmmmm HUMMUS LOVE!! YAHH!!!

Miz said...

How nice you took your mom out!

So nice you two life close enough to each other to do that.

Susan said...

Aww, a morning with your mom and bagels sounds lovely!!

I've seen those SoyJoy bars but I can never bring myself to try them out. Now I'm even less likely to!

Great job on the no snacking front :) Send some of that self control this way please!!! :P