Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Under the sea.

Lots of water involved with today’s eats!

Preworkout shake of milk and Jay Robb strawberry protein powder.  Dang this stuff is good, it’s a shame it is so expensive!


Did some swimming today at the Y for the first installment of water.  Got back and had some oats cooked with banana and pumpkin, topped with PB.


Lunch was the second installment of water:  Tuna fish!  As a wrap with roasted red pepper hummus.  And some low fat potato chips for something completely different.


Snack was a latte (and no bar today, staying strong!).


Dinner was another sea item:  Clam strips.  You all have seen this meal  hundred times LOL!  These strawberries were excellent.


Stay at home night tonight with some decaf coffee.



mary said...

I am so proud for you. You have overcome what I consider the hardest addiction.

stephchows said...

Thanks for the comment! Your oatmeal sounds like something I'd totally enjoy :)