Thursday, May 14, 2009

Upside down day.


I really tried to sleep in today since I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight, but couldn’t quite make it.  However, I stayed home in the morning instead of working out and got started on work early.   That made my day start backwards!  So – breakfast first!

Oats with 1/2 a banana, chocolate protein powder, topped with some walnut butter and a dusting of coconut.


au lait Lunch was breakfast!  Took a break from work and decided I wanted protein pancakes.  These are super fast to make and today is a cold and dreary day, so they were comforting.



latte soy

Dinner:  Barber Foods Chicken stuffed with Broccoli.  These are pretty good, and easy to cook because you just stick them in the toaster oven!  With even more broccoli and applesauce (we are out of strawberries).


A few of these:


Then off to the gym to do my workout at night.


Stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab some decaf for myself and bring one home to John.  Now we are going to watch a movie!  (MST 3K)

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