Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy and oopses

I have some stress now from being extra busy, which tends to make me snacky.  So, today:

Preworkout Vanilla Pumpkin shake:


John biked to meet me at Ridge Street for breakfast  at 9am after my workout.



Multigrain bagel!


Worked hard in the morning and then stopped for lunch, which was a mish mash.  I was super craving carbs and fats.  Tuna/hummus wrap with spring mix,  baby carrots, a few baked chips and some wheat thins spread with homemade walnut butter.

lunch nuubutter

Afternoon snack:  Hemp granola and chocolate chips (okay I had 2 bowls of this).


John cooked dinner, since I have an extra project to do and feel ultra swamped:  Burgers with smoked pepper jack cheese on an Arnold sandwich thin.  Really tiny burgers, though LOL!  Plus pan fried potatoes, which were so good!


I did more work, then took a break for some frozen yogurt at about 8:30.  Somehow got some peanut butter sauce on my yogurt!


Came back and did more work until 11pm.  I am beat.


Susan said...

That PB yogurt just made me drool all over my keyboard :P I'm sure you deserved a little treat after such a long day of work!!!

I love the look of those pan-fried potatoes too...

Ann said...

wow.. that yogurt and peanut butter looks so yummy