Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to work

Start of my work week today.  I had another great on plan day!

It’s Sunday, so you know that meant bagels for breakfast! 

bagel We got one bagel plain and the other with cream cheese and shared the cc, since this place is very liberal.  Wheat bagel and maple walnut cream cheese (plus coffee!)

Grocery shopped, so we had lots of good stuff to eat.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich on Arnold sandwich thin, plus some carrots and wonderful blackberries!


John made me a latte while I worked.


Dinner was chicken breast sauteed with broccoli and some Kitchen of India simmer sauce.  I added in 1/8 cup of couscous and it was delicious!  So good.  Plus strawberries, which were only $1.49 a pound, can you believe it?




Total calories for the day 1485  -  And I’m done with work for the day!


Ann said...

Wow, I love the idea of adding couscous in it!

Sharon said...

SCORE on the strawberries!!!!! OMG!

Susan said...

Maple walnut cream cheese sounds diviiine! Yum!