Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Okay, not so lazy since I had to work, but it’s my day off from exercise – so it feels lazy.

Breakfast was the usual Sunday bagel!  Whole wheat with shared maple nut cream cheese.  T’was good!


Lunch was my beloved Fage!  Mixed with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch and strawberries.  I love my Fage!


Snack was a soy milk latte for a change.  This soy was pretty mild tasting, although it was vanilla flavored and I don’t usually have sweetened lattes other than a bit of honey drizzled on top (which I did).


Plus a Zone bar.


Dinner was a fantabulous wrap.  Smart Carb tortilla (8 grams of fiber!) with sauteed chicken breast, roasted red pepper hummus and spring mix.  Delicious!  Plus some baby carrots and a whole container of blackberries.  It’s only a cup, but I wanted to eat them all LOL.  And so I did.



Slim said...

I just found your blog & am looking forward to reading you on a regular basis. Congrats on your weight loss! I've just started my weight loss journey. Please stop by my blog. Maybe you could help keep me accountable & on track.

Sharon said...

Mmmm, love your eats. Love kashi go lean crunch!!!

Susan said...

Haha, why do they make the blackberry containers so small? And that maple cream cheese always sounds so yummy. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday - even with work! :)

Cucinista said...

Fage Total Greek yogurt is amazing -- fat free or low fat, so creamy, so delicious, mmmmmmmmm... And it works in everything! I use it to make all sorts of creamy savory sauces.