Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello beautiful!

Been busy!  I am trying to consolidate blogs with my other one under its own domain to help myself.  Hope to have that done soon.

Anyway, today is the start of my weekend.  After my Y workout I came home and made some pumpkin oats!


Yummers.  I wish I had nuts, though instead of nut butter.  I like straight up nuts with the pumpkin.  Or cranberry sauce!

With cafe au lait.

au lait

Lunch was some Stonyfield probiotic yogurt with Optimum blueberry granola and strawberries.  Very good, although I don’t like this yogurt anywhere near as much as I like greek.


Got a postcard in the mail for a free iced coffee – so that is where I went this afternoon!


Dinner was at East End Eatery, where I got a fresh and delicious salad.  Rode the scooter, here is my lovely helmet!



plus a pizza wrap on a whole wheat wrap.  Lots of cheese, but at least not a ton of dough.


Snack, one of those yummy fudgy ‘brownies’ with PB.



Kelly said...

You have a scooter?! I'm so jealous. We looked at motorcycles today and I am wanting one pretty bad.

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, a scooter? That is so awesome! I love it! You should show us a pic of it!!! SOO CUTE!