Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remoulade's in New Orleans

All of my rechargeable batteries need charging, so no pics today of my food! However, I still have some more New Orleans meals LOL.

This was at Remoulade on Bourbon St. It's the less expensive, casual version of Arnauds.
This was probably my least favorite meal for a couple reasons.

I had a sampler of
file gumbo, crawfish pie, and jambalaya.

The soup was good standard gumbo, and the crawfish pie was quite good. The jambalaya was uninspired and tasted very bland. It was almost like spanish rice, not a good tasty jambalaya.

My sister had a sampler which had turtle soup:

Followed by a natchatosis meat pie and crawfish etouffe

She like the soup and the etouffe, but the meat pie was way too salty.

This meal was okay, but as we got up to leave, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye against the wall, and saw a roach! Yuck.

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