Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Panera Bread Dinner

Went to Panera for a You Pick Two meal combo.
I tried the Lowfat Chicken Tortilla soup. Very tasty! Paired with a Cafe Classic Salad and an apple on the side.
Did not like the apple at all. It had soft spots and was too sweet for me.


Bird by Bird said...

We have discovered what to us is a new apple..."honeycrisp" at Safeway. Delicious!

Sara E Anderson said...

I never ever, ever trust apples at coffee stands or restaurants. If I don't have a chance to pick it from a whole batch, I'm not going to bother. Shopping for produce is a skill that's not really employed by the food service industry. Those 5# bags of apples seem like a good deal, but then you won't end up eating half of them before they go bad.