Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lentils, fun shopping and pie!

I was on the hunt for wheat berries, so we decided to have breakfast in Saratoga Springs at a local coffee shop, where I had an oat bran bagel and some lovely Peruvian coffee.

After that we hit up a natural food store where I found some wheatberries, spelt berries, unsweetened coconut and brown rice protein powder! Yippee!
Lunch at home included tuna salad on my home made wheat bread, plus a delicious anjou pear.

Afternoon snack was the usual latte and clementines!

Dinner was a quick throw together of lentils with sauteed spices and pureed onions, served over cooked brown rice. Quite tasty! Roasted winter mix seasoned with curry seasonings on the side.

John made a lemon meringue pie, which I had a taste of. Tart and delicious!


Joan said...

Your food looks delicious! Looks like it would be easy to stick to a diet of these tasty foods. I think to lose weight, we have to get interested in healthy cooking and you've made a success of it.

Anonymous said...

Now that pie wouldn't last 2 seconds!