Monday, January 19, 2009

Cafe Beignet

Another New Orleans meal! Good thing we don't live near here, or I wouldn't be down over a 100 pounds!

Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street. This was Sunday night, and it was quite chilly (to Southerners, we were fine LOL) - so no one was out. There was a jazz trio called Steamboat Willie there, and we basically got a private concert, which was way cool.

I wanted breakfast for dinner, so I ordered a cheese omelet with grits on the side, plus a lovely warm coffee:

My sister had a warm muffaletta - and this was a half portion!!

Dessert was a wonderful strawberry shortbread tart. Two of my favorite things, shortbread and strawberries! Yum!


gaaarp said...

I love New Orleans and beignets!! I spent several evenings at Cafe du Monde (althogh Cafe Beignet is nice, too), enjoying great coffee and beautiful N'Awlins nights.

Sock Monkey, aka Froggie said...

That cheese omelette looks really scrummy. I think I'd like maybe 1/8 of a muffaletta for dinner (those things are huge, but would have to scrape out the olive salad, which would just turn it into some sort of strange Italian hoagie. ;)