Monday, January 19, 2009

Honey Wheat Bread

I baked a loaf of fresh Honey Wheat bread yesterday. I won't post the recipe, as it came from a book, and I don't know the netiquette for posting that kind of recipe. I did add 1 scoop of Honeyville Oat fiber to it to boost the fiber content since it uses bread flour and whole wheat flour. I love using the bread machine to make the dough - it's so easy!

Here is the nice dough ball:

After shaping and ready for the 2nd rise:

After baking! Funny how it rose a little uneven, not sure why. You can see the book I used for the recipe, too.

This bread is wonderfully moist with a tender crumb. John is very excited to try making french toast with it tomorrow. I will be having some with my tuna salad for lunch!

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Sanctified Spaces said...

Wow that looks yummy.Gimme a piece of your pie