Friday, December 19, 2008

Delicata squash soup

Tried delicata squash today. I was in the mood for soup, since we have a winter storm coming. I split the delicata and roasted it in the toaster oven.
Then I scraped it out and put it in the magic bullet blender. I guess you are supposed to be able to eat the skin, but it seemed a bit tough to me, so I just scooped it out. I used 1 cup of veggie broth. The squash was 110 grams of 'meat'.
I wanted protein, so I scoured the fridge. I chopped up a veggie sausage patty and then added some feta cheese. Strange combo, I know - but it turned out pretty good. I am craving salty stuff today, so this kind of hits the spot. The cheese didn't really melt, which gave it an interesting texture, but maybe a bit rubbery. I topped it with 10 grams of toasted walnuts for crunch - those were the best part!

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